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October 18, 2005



For me, Bill was the voice of the Raiders. I would shun TV in favor of a tiny transistor radio. There, alone in my room on Sunday afternoons, I was eager to hear that winsome all knowing voice that was Bill King's. Bill's voice meant autumn leaves, crisp cool days, and a low slung sun in an October sky.

Bill's voice would conjure a miraculous Freddy B touchdown in my mind's eye. I was on the line with the Raider D making a game saving goal line stand, transported there by a silver haired wordsmith. Who needed a television when this sorcerer of words and emotion could make you feel as if you had front row seats on the fifty?

It truly was broadcast magic.

There are a host of 40 somethings that remember that wonderous Warriors title season that Bill breathed life into with his dazzling, erudite, majestic broadcasts. There is a generation of Bay Area 30 somethings who remember the "Holy Roller" call. Bill was there with those incredible A's of 88-90 entertaining us with his unmistakable style.

Bill called it like he saw it. He wasn't a "homer" like so many broadcasters today. If the home team screwed up he told us so. He gave us a fair call which made the losses more bearable and the victories so much sweeter. He gave us honesty--That's what made him great.

Fortune has given much to Bay Area sports radio and it's greatest gift was Bill King.

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