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September 07, 2005


Todd W.

Am I the only one who is thinking that the response...or LACK of response from the Feds was deliberate?

* FEMA denied WalMart trucks full of relief supplies access to survivors at the convention center
* FEMA denied Red Cross access to New Orleans to feed and care for survivors
* FEMA cut the Jefferson Parish emergency communication lines in New Orleans
* Canada's specialized urban search and rescue teams volunteered, weren't allowed to cross the border
* FEMA turns back swift water rescue teams, 500 boats, 1000 export boaters, with boats specially designed for handicapped or wheelchair access
* Firemen and rescue workes are delayed in order to serve as photo-op props for Bush


The theory that it's deliberate would at least explain the absolute level of incompetence, because blaming the incompetence solely on incompetence is getting tougher by the minute. If these people were truly this incompetent, they wouldn't even be able to dress themselves in the morning.

One that you left out, by the way: volunteer airboat owners, who were called to service by Mayor Naglin and Gov. Blanco the moment the levees breached, were told by FEMA once they arrived that they'd have to pay for their own gas to operate their boats. Apparently, one of these airboats uses up (at today's prices) about $550 a day worth of gas. So after you've taken time off from work and hauled your boat all the way down from Arkansas or wherever else so you can help rescue the stranded, you're told by some fed that FEMA can't subsidize your fuel usage. Pay retail or get lost.

There are some who have theorized the war in Iraq as being a calculated maneuver by BushCo to thin the minority (especially the black) population a little in the U.S. There are poor white communities in this country as well, but you sure don't see the military recruiting there -- they're going straight to the black communities, because poor whites can apparently more easily be converted into believers of Supply-Side Jesus and can be convinced the most terrible thing in the universe is not poverty or thousands of Americans drowning in poisoned waters, but gays marrying gays. Before Katrina, this theory seemed more difficult to comprehend. But now ... it's much more difficult to debate. Comprehending it is child's play.

Next time you see an image of a corpse rotting on the median at South Carrollton Avenue, of bodies floating in flood waters polluted with human waste, of crippled elderly people stranded on rooftop islands without food and water as if they're tree rats, remember that these images were brought to you courtesy of the self-proclaimed compassionate conservative -- a man who is neither conservative nor compassionate.

Welcome to the America of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist and James Dobson, where we carelessly let our own citizens drown in seas of filth. If anyone out there thinks George W. Bush is losing even two minutes of sleep over this, wake the fuck up. Unless you are the CEO of a major corporation, Worst President Ever honestly couldn't give a shit whether you lived or died. You mean nothing to him.

Todd W.

Careful! We can't play the "Blame Game." Heaven forbid! Hey Scottie? Can we play "Pass the Buck" or "Duck and Cover" instead?

Todd W.

Oh wait...I get it. We can play the "Blame Game" only if we don't play it with the Brown Shirts. It's perfectly OK to play the "Blame Game" with other people, such as spinning the myth that the President had to "beg" the Governor of Louisiana (or the Mayor of New Orleans in some versions) to take action.

I guess I forgot to read the rules on the underside of the game box lid. Silly me...

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