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July 05, 2005



Tip of the Day: the ladies love the stuffed crust.

Jason G

I can't believe you walked out on the opportunity to have your home filled with "hot" barbecue sauce.

And that pimply pizza boy sure looks like the smart one now, doesn't he? Imagine the trouble he'd have been in when his manager discovered that the yummy-smelling pizza oven was missing.

Jerry T

Alas, I can confirm the events so described. What I remember most is the hope in Jason's eyes as they exchanged phone numbers, followed by the "it could only happen to me" tone with which the tale was recounted.

To this day, I can't look at a can of Glade air freshener without chuckling and thinking of JJ.


OMG! It's a good thing I DID pee before reading this!

George Mandell

Yo, Pimp Daddy J.J. When you gonna hook me up?

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