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May 10, 2005



Birds can fly. They also have a built-in internet like the dolphins do. And on occasion they can pick up signals that relate to themselves or their bird brethren. So they know about the nest story. No big deal. Just smile and chirp and that should suffice. Don't worry about the chicken part. They don't believe that anyone could actually eat another bird because they only eat worms and stuff. They think that stuff only happens in the movies. Also nobody ever just picks up a bird to eat it. It's almost always cooked and unrecognizable, even to the sharpest of eagle eyes. I like chicken too.

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Finally, over the weekend I was driving through the town of Campbell, which is far from being a wilderness preserve, when a trio of ducks slowly crossed a busy street directly in front of my car. As the duck bringing up the rear crossed my path, it turned its head in my direction, paused for a moment, and quacked at me. At least it sounded like a quack at the time. Now that I think about it, though, the duck may have told me to "retract."

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