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April 26, 2005


Todd W.

A few months ago we here in U of O Duck country Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, gained a liberal radio station, KOPT (Oregon's Progressive Talk), which started out carrying almost all of Air America's programming (except for news, which was CNN for some reason). Well guess what...Just like Portland's KPOJ, KOPT took off like a rocket. They switched frequencies, boosted their signal, and then they screwed with the schedule...

I'm all for local programming...Really I am. Honest! They started their own morning and afternoon drive time programs, added Ed Schultz, and pushed the Air America programs into tape delay (save for Al Franken). And Mike Malloy? He's completely off the schedule.

I appreciate Ed Schultz, but I'm no fan.

Thank goodness for Apple and Podcasting! Oh wait...Don't you have to have an iPod to Podcast?


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