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November 03, 2004



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I really thought John Kerry was going to win. Our controled media was able to pull it off for Bush. I to wish half of America would wake up.



Wow --- thanks for the reminder. I have to go vote for John Carey after class today. How late are the poles open on Wendesday?

Moe B. Dick

There are two Americas: the one we live in, and the one that all of these right-wing, ultra-religionist, believe-anything-your-leaders-tell-you Stepford Bushies live in.

My nightmare scenario: a few days before he is indicted in late 2005, Chest Pain Cheney resigns due to "health concerns" and Boy George names Arnold Schwartzenhitler as his new vice president. KKKarl Rove goes into permanent drool mode while planning the "Arnold For America 2008" battle plan.

You're right. It could never happen.

Mobe E.

cuzin' heidi

I sure am glad I don't have to worry about being raped and not being able to have an abortion. Thankfully, I'm old and fixed. Most women can just go ahead and say bye bye to their rights to choose what happens to their bodies, now that dubya is still in charge. Funny how it's wrong (according to these lunatics)to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, yet it's okay to blow up pregnant women in other countries. Go figure.

Moe B. Dick

Cuzin' Heidi done wrote:

> Thankfully, I'm old and fixed.

I hadn't heard that you were broken...

cuzin' heidi

Thanks Mobe!!! I feel so much better!!!!!!!!;^?

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