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September 30, 2004



Should it not be surprising that tweedle dee has totally stopped mentioning barbaric acts that are coming upon our people because of his actions of taking us to war? This is the same man who hasn't been to a SINGLE funeral or memorial service for a soldier lost in battle. I'm not bragging that our governor is a better man, but at least he hasn't MISSED a single funeral or memorial service for our Oregon soldiers. To say I am afraid for our future, and I truly do mean afraid, is an understatement.


JJ. I am in your posse. Next time I see you I will be sure to give you a Diet Coke. Then you can be in my posse and bring me some cake. Then I'll be in your posse and send you a funny link in an instant message. Then you can be in my posse and laugh. Then we'll be in each other's posse and we'll talk about how cool it will be when John Kerry is the President of the United States. Fun times!

Shox OZ

Happiness is intrinsic, it's an internal thing

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