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September 10, 2004



Jason, welcome to CeCe's! That's about all I can say about the convention.

Gayle Jackson

Jason, I am your uncle Ron's wife Gayle, members of this extended Jackson clan. We missed you at the reunion Sunday, nice to see everybody. Heidi sent me the info on your blog, great!!!!!!!!!!I thought Ron and I were the only liberals in the Jackson's.
We haven't seen you since you were 4 or 5. At that time you could read the newspaper then you would turn it upside down and read it again. Should have known that ability would give you a different spin in life.
We busted up over your convention articule. We will keep checking in to your blog,and will forward your site to all. Hope to hear from you. Gayle

David Ferrell Jackson


Hey, wait a minute! The kid who read the newspaper upside-down was me! Jason may have stolen that schtick from me later, but I had the gig to myself from about 1964 until that punk came along.

It happened to be the only distinctive skill I had to set me apart in this family -- and it still may be, although my wife is a big fan of the one where I actually close the lid on the toilet after going to the bathroom. I'm still working on the part where you do that flushing thing.

Danny Diaz used to bring his friends over and have me demonstrate the upside-down reading trick; most were simply dazzled to see a human being actually read, let alone upside-down.

Oh, and you may want to be careful using the term "clan" when talking about the Jacksons...

DJ (Brother of Jim and/or Heidi)

cuzin' heidi

Dave! How dare you take away Jason's glory!!! This is HIS website!!! Quit trying to get your 15 minutes of fame and quit reading the paper upside down, it's just plain weird!!! Hi Jason!!! heidi


Ya gotta just love these guys!!!!!

retro jordan 2

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