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August 11, 2004



Great letter, Jason! I hope you don't mind that I'm forwarding this link to everyone I know. -- Jill

Moe B. Dick


Unfortunately, the only people who will read all the way through this will be the ones who already believe in your message.

As reported by the AP at a Cowboy George rally in Iowa the other day, the washed-up country singer Larry Gatlin -- who obviously hasn't read a newspaper in 35 years -- "bluntly rebutted Democrats' contention that Bush lied his way to war in Iraq: 'The man did not lie. The man did not lie. The people who are saying he did are the liars. I've known this man for 35 years, and he doesn't lie.' The crowd whooped."

Of course they "whooped." These spoon-fed Fox fanatics will believe anything. If Larry Gatlin had told the crowd that George W. Bush was a black man who grew up poor in Brooklyn, the crowd would have whooped. And believed it.

Please, please, please make sure that you get out and vote in November. Our nation depends on it.

Moe B.

cuzin' heidi

Jason, your letter to the (so called) president is (okay, this is so lame, think Valley Girl) SOOOO COOOOL!!!!! I shall happily share it with my friends and republicans. Some will hate me!!! Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dubya Bush

Your letter has lots of words. Can you summ...summerize it into bullet point outline, or provide it as a book-on-tape. I like 'dem books-on-tape or when Pickles reads to me.

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