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June 30, 2004


Moe B. Dick

Jasper Jackson writ:

> Exactly one week later, my dad took me to the same El Taco. I bit into a burrito, and another one of my teeth fell out.

This story would have been scads funnier if you had bitten into the burrito and your tooth from the previous week had been in it.

Funnier and only slightly more disgusting.

cuzin' heidi

Where did you swipe the picture of your "neighbor" from???? The only grass that is green in Tracy, is on someone's WELL WATERED lawn!!!! Congrat's, can't wait to see your new place!!!

Todd W.

Is it Taco Time yet?

Congrats on the new house! All the very, very best. Wish I was local to help you move.


Memories of childhood, the dining experience was in lieu of Castro Village Bowling elegant french fries and mayo covered hamburger like items. Aah, League bowling at its finest. See there are some things your poor sister missed out on.

supra shoes

This is the best butternut soup recipe ever!I am making it for my sisters kitchen tea. Thank-you for sharing this wonderful recipe - it's simply delicious and will be used in generations to come!

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